Health and Safety

  Power Weed Control Ltd is committed to protecting it's employees from injury and illness by encouraging all staff to actively participate in an effective and pro-active Health and Safety Mangement Program.
  The Management of Power Weed Control Ltd will provide the necessary resources and leadership to ensure suitable facilities, training, information and equipment is provided to staff, contractors and sub-contractors so that all tasks can be performed in the safest manner possible, and that all practical steps are taken to prevent accidents and illness to staff, contractors and the general public.
  It is a requirement of Power Weed Control Ltd that:
  • Staff practice safe work methods at all times and do nothing that may endanger themselves or others.
  • Staff use the appropriate safety protective clothing and/or equipment required when performing assigned tasks that require them.
  • Staff report or take appropriate action where they see an unsafe act being performed in a way that is likely to result in a serious accident.
  • Staff report all accidents, incidents and near misses as soon as possible.
  • Staff actively participate towards creating a safer working environment by helping to identify hazards within their work environment so that practical and effective controls can be determined.
  Power Weed Control Ltd Management will:
  • Take all practical steps to eliminate, isolate and/or minimise identified significant hazards to prevent any injury or damage.
  • Inform all staff of emergency and evacuation procedures.
  • Carry out planned self-inspections to monitor health and safety issues.
  Power Weed Control Ltd Management at the start of each day has a toolbox meeting (a short daily meeting to discuss safety matters in an informal and clear manner) with all operational personnel prior to them leaving the workshop for their assigned jobs.
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