Weed Spraying / Vegetation Control

All our operational staff at Power Weed Control Ltd are trained in the safe handling and application of chemicals, while our supervisory staff are licenced by the New Zealand Agrichemical Education Trust as qualified chemical applicators. We ensure we keep up to date with all legislation and other legal requirements, as well as our contractual obligations regarding the use of chemicals for treating weeds and pest plants
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It is important that road users are presented with a safe and functional roading network with clear visibiltiy of all road signs. Power Weed Control Ltd, after mowing verges, also spray where necessary to ensure all vegetation obstructing the view of road users of any road signs is removed and maintained.

When undertaking rural weed spraying operations our staff use tank mounted trucks, with chemicals mixed according to recommended dilution rates and applied in a manner which reduces any unwanted spray drift.
Spraying Urban

When weed spraying operations are undertaken in urban areas, our accredited applicators use tank mounted small trucks on all sealed footpaths or the roller ball method on all concrete footpaths, which provides direct contact with the weeds.
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We also compile treatment plans to work towards total erradication of pest plants, as identified by the national and/or local government. These treatment plans will include follow-up inspections and re-treatment where necessary.
  Our staff complete daily spraying records, with information regarding areas sprayed, vehicles and equipment used, wind direction, weather conditions, the quantity, rate and type of chemical used all recorded. These records are available for our clients upon request.
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